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Your bathroom is nasty!

Sorry if no one has shared this before but your bathroom is nasty! It may look picked up but the reality is it's dirty.

What you image your employees are doing:


Sure the toilet paper gets picked up off the floor and some bleach has been splashed around but the bathroom isn't actually clean and your customers know it. It is important to keep your workplace bathrooms clean not only for appearances but also for the wellbeing of everyone (employees and customers) in the workplace. If your bathrooms are not routinely and thoroughly cleaned, illness-causing germs and bacteria can build up and spread and messes can quickly become hazardous.


  1. Hire an employee for this specific task. Instead of lumping this job in with all of the other expectations, you'll have a much cleaner facility if you just hire someone to clean/spruce up the place on a daily to weekly basis.

  2. Don't have the budget to hire cleaning staff? Then create a facilities checklist (see below for an example) and assign employees on a rotating basis. This way everyone is on the same page plus it creates more personal accountability. If you know next week you'll be the one picking up sticky, gooey toilet paper you may be more inclined to ensure you don't leave that kind of mess for another.

  3. Outsource this task to the professionals. The reality is no one wants to clean a toilet, however hiring a company that specializes in cleaning ensures your facility will actually be cleaned. Cleaning companies are flexible in their offering because they are here to take your headaches away.

Bathroom Facilities Checklist Example:

  • Clean partition walls

  • Wipe down countertops and sinks

  • Sanitize and wipe down bathroom fixtures (handles, light switches, etc.)

  • Wipe down mirrors to remove streaks and water spots

  • Refill toilet paper

  • Refill soap dispensers

  • Sanitize toilets and urinals

  • Empty trash

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