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"Winter Is Coming"

Although Game of Thrones has ended, winter is still about to visit. Are your floors prepared? Here are some tips to remember for preparing for the snow and slush.

1. Be sure your sidewalk and entryway are clear before business opens for the day.

2. Place floor mats at the entryway to keep by the door to collect the white stuff that will inevitably stick to boots, clothing, and just about anything else it falls on.

3. Be sure to clean your floors daily. For small areas, a simple solution of a half-gallon of white vinegar and a half-gallon of warm water is effective for cleaning salt melt. For high trafficked or larger areas it might work out better to hire a cleaning company. Cleaning companies use floor conditioners and neutralizers to combat water buildup residue and salt melt stains.

Need help keeping Old Man Winter from wrecking your floor? Call us today for a consult on

our comprehensive offering of floor cleaning capabilities and services.

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