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5 Areas You Need To Clean Today!

Is your office or facility actually clean?

The reception area is as neat as a button, your restrooms are all stocked, and the hallways are clear of debris. These are important first impressions for your customers. But, what about the other parts of your office or facility? Here are some places that are often overlooked but need to be cleaned as well.

  1. The lights. Unless your lights are on a timer there's a switch that someone turns on in the morning and off at night. Just like any other surface, this light switch needs to be cleaned daily. And what about those light fixtures? These are often a final resting place for many bugs throughout their lives. A buildup of bugs and dust in your lights is unseemly and is off putting to customers and employees alike. Remove bugs and dust on a routine bases to keep these fixtures looking their best.

  2. Phone or headset. Most employees use a phone to do their job and it quickly becomes covered in germs. People breath and cough into the mouthpiece, transfer everything they’ve touched from their fingers to the keypad, and get sweat and makeup all over. If you don't already, be sure to add cleaning the phones as part of your office cleaning checklist.

  3. Computer keyboard. This is another place that should be cleaned regularly, but is often forgotten until the keys get stuck. If multiple people use the same computer this cannot be overlooked. Those food crumbs, lotions, and germs picked up from other places can all find their way between the keys of a keyboard. However, with regular office cleaning, you can keep these clean, and in proper working condition.

  4. The baseboards. Baseboards aren’t in every office, but they are an often overlooked place to clean. They can become dust magnets, leaving them looking dirty and grungy. Be sure to add this to your office cleaners to-do tasks. Not only will it help your office look it's best, it can give it a sprucing up without costing you more.

  5. Employee Kitchen/Breakroom. When it comes to cleaning the kitchen, the main focus is usually wiping down tables and countertops, and those appliances are often forgotten. But, the fridge is germ heaven. Most folks have touched the handle without much thought to where their hand was previously. Not only germs but food can easily get smeared onto them. Daily wipe down of the fridge handle/opening is a must-do as part of your office cleaning.

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